Randi Jo Fab x Thrive and Thicken Indigo Dyed Caps

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Sarah (@thrive_thicken) custom dyed us a batch of this beautiful unbleached cotton fabric using natural indigo and shibori techniques. We sent that home with team Randi Jo Fab to cut, mix & match, and work some magic. What we got back was a collection of beautiful, one-of-a-kind caps that we're excited to share with you.
Some notes:
-Each cap is unique, so you can expect to get something similar to, but not exactly like, the ones pictured. Control freaks beware.
-Natural indigo changes and fades with time, so you can expect the color of these caps to mellow out as the cap wears in. Just like your favorite jeans.
-Sizing is different than our 5 panel caps (but the same as
RandiJo's usual offerings). Sizing as follows.
S - 21-22"
M - 22-23"
L - 23-24"
XL - 24-25"

-Due to current international shipping restrictions and delays we can't ship these internationally. It's a real mess out there. Sorry.